The history

Property of the Counts of Provence and established as a fiefdom by Henri III in 1576, Château Beaulieu has accommodated a line of the most noble Provencal families. The Alamanons, the Agoults, the Oraisons, the Pontleroys as well as the Tourneforts and the Candolles have all resided here, each taking great care to preserve this exceptional piece of land. A perpetual family tradition which is ongoing today.

The history of Beaulieu has often been the subject of articles. H. de Saussure dedicated several pages to Beaulieu and its volcano in his book “Voyage dans les Alpes” written in 1796. Other authors such as Father Martin in 1800, Mary Tay in 1885, Charles de Ribbe in 1898 and Maurice Coquet in 1970, have all written books about Beaulieu.

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